Put simply – it is not only about the belt.

I believe, that in life, our actions and goals should be guided by conscious decisions. Everything we do is a decision; if you fail to make a decision …You made a decision to allow whatever happens to happen without your input. Reactions are movements or behavior executed without conscious decisions resulting in unpredictable consequences, good and/or bad. Our training is about many things, mainly about self-improvement and applying the mental aspects of the training to everyday life not just Tang Soo Do.

During the process of making decisions one should explore their options in order to make good decisions. Students should understand they are in control of their bodies and must use their mental capacity to make decisions. Consistent mental and physical training will enable them to reliably perform as expected, adjusting for any physical limitations. This decision making process may appear slow at first, but speed will increase with consistent efforts and time. Understanding your body and mind allows you to know your options more quickly. Eventually, with dedication and training, decisions can become as quick as reactions with the added benefit from being a direct thought controlled movement.

We understand and accept that each student is an individual. It is our responsibility to identify a way to share the art with each student that is seriously interested and making an honest effort, without compromising the art. Our belief is not, by any means, an all-inclusive perfect system. Each instructor will add their own personality and experiences to teaching, while maintaining technical standards.

What we do is not a game or competition. Students should not get caught up in a race or competition with another; they should strive for personal improvement. One should study the technique, attitude and execution of a higher performing student to learn and self-evaluate how to raise their personal level. They should understand their own current performance level; set reasonable expectations with their instructors and  make decisions to strive for improvements. The tools of self-evaluation, decision making, adjustments to changing situations and dedication to the decisions are life skills.

Our classes are designed for instruction, learning opportunities…Not an exercise class, social club or feel good sessions. To progress one must make a dedicated effort outside class for physical conditioning, repetition of techniques and self-evaluation.

Success is not the result of instant gratification, playing, false positive feedback, inconsistent effort or comparison to others for ego sakes. Success should be viewed as long term life improvement and having a positive impact on others. Success is based on the students’ consistent efforts; success breeds confidence and positive mental attitudes to overcome struggles. We are a family and work together for the success of all the students.

Our manner of training has been developed from a vast number of resources; individuals, documents and studies that we have been exposed to during our personal training. I take no credit for this knowledge, just blessed to be able to pass it on.

Tang Soo Do can be learned by anyone, but is not for everyone.

Our goal is to provide traditional training while maintaining the Spirit of the original

 Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do as shared by the Late Grand Master Jae Joon Kim.

Master Ken Marsh