Mu Sa Kwan

Grand Master Boliard

Cary Tang Soo Do is a pround member of the Mu Sa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation founded and lead by Grand Master Greg Boliard.

Mu Sa Kwan Mission Statement:

The Mu Sa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation was founded to preserve the rich heritage of Tang Soo Do. The Federation will provide the foundation for its members to gain an in-depth understanding into Tang Soo Do philosophy, fostering a well-rounded, quality-based program inclusive of the many aspects of Tang Soo Do. In addition, it will encourage growth of the spirit of martial arts within each of its members.

The Mu Sa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation prides itself on ensuring consistency and technical accuracy in all areas throughout the Federation. It is expected that the members of the of the Federation strive to maintain the highest levels of proficiency. It is the responsibility of the Federation as a whole to ensure exemplary performance. Encouraging quality achievement levels through consistent training and testing methods guarantees that future generations of martial artists will be guided by the same historically accurate information utilized in teaching the very first students of Tang Soo Do.