At Cary Tang Soo Do, we offer a focused, traditional training environment in the world of martial arts. Our focus is and always has been on perpetuating the art of Tang Soo Do; a Korean fighting style tempered down and refined over the last 2000 years.

Since their ancient use and application on the battlefield, martial arts like Tang Soo Do have permeated and woven themselves into every culture. People have a natural curiosity and respect towards the fighting arts because they offer something that can’t be taken away from the practitioner; self-confidence, discipline and the ability to defend oneself against those that intend to cause you or those you love harm.

Tang Soo Do is a powerfully effective method of self-defense. But there are many other reasons why men, women and children of all ages have begun their Tang Soo Do training. This refined style of martial art is known for having a very effective training method for self-discipline, self-confidence, physical fitness, stress management and the ultimate form of self-defense techniques. Whether you are 10 or 80, male or female, handicapped or physically fit, we encourage you to explore Tang Soo Do and develop your true potential as a martial arts practitioner.

At Cary Tang Soo Do, we foster growth in each and every student, providing you with the confidence, techniques and spirit you need to become the martial artist you want to be.

We offer basic and advanced empty-hand and foot fighting, fighting forms, one-step and three-step sparring techniques, sparring, weapons training as well as board breaking techniques.