Discipline of the Dojang

Students must arrive at least 15 minutes before class and remove shoes and socks. All students should salute the flags and bow to the instructor on the floor as soon as they enter the dojang. This will be done without exception. The student does not have to wait for the instructor to acknowledge the bow if the instructor is busy.

  • When the Head Instructor enters the room for the beginning of class: The highest-ranking member present will clap hands and say “Cha Ryut. Sa Bom (Nim) Kyung Yet” (attention bow). The class will come to attention and bow to the Head Instructor.
  • When any Master (unless a higher rank is present in the room) enters, whether in a dobok or not, they are to be bowed to. The first person that sees the Master will clap and bring the class to attention, and then the highest ranking member will give the commands “Cha Ryut, Kyung Yet” (attention, bow). Then class or warm-ups will resume.
  • When the Grand Master enters the room, the same format, as specified above, is followed. Any other Masters, including the Head Instructor, who enter thereafter, are not acknowledged.


  • Wait to be acknowledged by instructor, then request permission to join class.
  • If leaving class early or leaving room briefly, approach instructor and ask permission.


  • When wishing to talk to another member of club while in the dojang, exchange bows (the lower ranking member bowing first).
  • When you are training, try to clear your mind of any problems outside of the club.
  • Drinking of water during class is permitted in small quantities, to help prevent heat cramps, heat exhaustion, hyperventilation, and heat stroke.
  • Groin protectors are mandatory for all males at all times.
  • Glasses with safety lenses are encouraged.
  • Mouth guards are required for members under 18 unless braces or other dental work is worn, and are encouraged for adults.
  • Wearing of protective pads for sparring is Strongly recommended for all on hands and feet. Optional equipment on head, forearms, and shins. Note: for tournaments, headgear and mouth-guards are MANDATORY.
  • Federation and club patches are to be displayed in the approved manner.
  • If you attend class at another Mu Sa Kwan dojang, behave in a manner befitting your rank and home dojang association. If you visit a studio of another style, make sure you know what their rules are and abide by them. If they single you out as a target – LEAVE! You are not a target, nor should you make one of another person.
  • Members of another style attending class will only be permitted with the Head Instructor's permission.
  • Respect for your fellow dojang members is encouraged. We are a family.


  1. There will be no ill tempers in the dojang. No arguing.
  2. Teaching is only to be conducted by Black belts unless otherwise directed.
  3. Be on time and ready to start at the appointed time. We have limited time. "This means show up early!"
  4. Immediately upon entering or leaving the dojang show respect by bowing to the flags (if present) and instructors.
  5. Do not enter when the class is in meditation. Wait quietly outside until meditation is over then enter, stand in ready stance, and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you and invite you to join the class.
  6. Do not cross the floor with your shoes on. Place all shoes and personal items neatly in there appropriate places. (Mat shoes are permitted after approval of the instructor.)
  7. All roughhousing and playfulness will cease upon entering the dojang.
  8. No talking, playing or laughing during class. Social conversations should take place outside the dojang.
  9. Body cleanliness is Mandatory. Fingernails and toe nails must be trimmed to avoid injury. Watch for athlete’s foot and use fungicide if necessary.
  10. Uniforms are to be properly worn: belts tied correctly and uniform clean. Wash uniform after each class. Does not use bleach. You represent the organization and style. Act accordingly. Those without uniforms wear Sweats with tops or T-shirts. No Shorts, tank tops or tight clothing.
  11. All students will address a Black belt with SIR or MAM in respect to the rank, regardless of age. Black belts will be addressed as Mr. or MS. (last Name) Master rank and above will be addressed as Master (last name) or Sah Bum Nim.
  12. Jewelry is not permitted in class. We suggest removal of wedding bands to prevent injury however, wedding bands are allowed only if they are taped securely.
  13. Do not ask a higher rank to spar. Request assistance with sparring techniques.
  14. Sparring is NOT to take place without an instructor present. Only light to no contact is made during sparring. Mouth pieces and groin protection (males) are required. Other sparring equipment is optional.
  15. Eye, groin, throat, and sweep techniques are not to be used in free sparring, but can be simulated during one-steps.
  16. The following items will not be allowed on the dojang floor: shoes, gum, candy, smoking, food, drinks, profanity, guns/weapons, or jewelry.
  17. Be aware of the class starting and ending commands. You never know when you may be the most senior member present. If you are, you’ll be called upon to give the commands. This could occur either in class or during testing.
  18. If you have a severe cold or contagious illness of any type, do not attend class.